Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing Podcast

THE Podcast For Students and Implementers of Magnetic Marketing

Hosted By: Joe Pardavila

Discover how Dan’s students and members are using the Magnetic Marketing Principles online and offline to finally take control of their advertising and marketing dollars. Each episode will be loaded full of great value and simple ideas for you to help you transform your marketing too.

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November 18, 2020

MMP 14 - Dr. Nathan Ho

October 26, 2020

MMP 13 - Dominic Hodgson

October 2, 2020

MMP 12 - Jimmy Nicholas

September 1, 2020

MMP 11 - Frank Lombardo

August 4, 2020

MMP 10 - Dave Dee

July 20, 2020

MMP 09 - Dr. Tyler Williams

July 10, 2020

MMP 08 - Holly Baker

July 3, 2020

MMP 07 - Daniel Squires

June 26, 2020

MMP 06 - Jane Carter

June 19, 2020

MMP 05 - Megan Meyers

June 9, 2020

MMP 04 - Gary Morris

June 5, 2020

MMP 03 - Jen DeVore Richter

May 29, 2020

MMP 02 - Chris Kiadii

May 22, 2020

MMP 01 - Donna Krech

Joe Pardavila

Joe Pardavila is a broadcaster, actor, writer, director and producer born and bred in New York City.

Joe was a radio personality who was heard on legendary New York City radio station, 95.5 PLJ where he was part of their successful morning show for over 15 years that had over a million listeners daily in the metropolitan area.

While at ‘PLJ he interviewed everyone from musical artists like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, John Mayer, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers and more. He also spoke with entertainers and newsmakers that include Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Mike Tyson, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, and Kim Kardashian.