MMP 18 - Trent Chapman

Episode Information

It’s often said that Dan Kennedy’s principles have a life changing effect on entrepreneurs. On this episode of the Magnetic Marketing Podcast is Trent Chapman, the COO of Trent talks about how he uses Dan’s direct response marketing techniques in the world of SMS or text marketing, how he blends automation with a human touch, and how he was able to build a business that generated $1.2M in sales in one year with just 3 employees.

About Trent Chapman:
Trent is the COO of and also the co-founder of two other texting programs for businesses – and Trent and his brother/business partner Ryan had years of failure in business until finally, they had their first “win” in 2007. After attending SuperConference and Info-Summit (two annual events run by GKIC at the time) and being introduced to Dan Kennedy’s courses on direct response marketing, everything changed. They went to start a business in August 2007 that had generated $1.2M in sales by August 2008 with just 3 employees.