MMP 11 - Frank Lombardo

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Could you believe a guy who runs a local pharmacy in North Eastern Pennsylvania turned Dan Kennedy’s principles into a 500,000 side-hustle?  This week Joe is joined by Frank Lombardo from Cook’s Pharmacy and the man behind the Best Dental Kit.

About Frank Lombardo:
In 1977 Fred Lombardo, father of the current owner Frank Lombardo, bought Evans Drug Store and changed the name to Cook’s Pharmacy. One of only a few independent pharmacies left in Luzerne County, Cook’s is proud of its roots in the Back Mountain Community.

“We work hard at being a special kind of pharmacy, from our great customer service, our unique blend of products, to our seasonal flower tent. People not only enjoy shopping here, they enjoy working here as well. Our staff has very low turnover, in fact most of our staff has been here for 5 years or more. The current competitive atmosphere is one that we embrace because we know it pushes us to be stronger. This is evident by our recent “Best Pharmacy” and “Best Customer Service” awards from The Dallas Post’s, Best of the Back Mountain Awards. Cook’s Pharmacy – “Where the doctors get their prescriptions filled” –Frank Lombardo

To find out more about Frank’s side-hustle, go to Best Dental Kit.