About ForbesBooks Radio

Dramatically Increase Your Presence to Your Target Audience

The Most Compelling Audio Format

On ForbesBooks Radio, we interview CEOs, C-suite executives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders about what matters most in their businesses today and where they and their companies are headed next.

ForbesBooks Radio is broadcast five nights a week to 200 markets across the US, and is available as a podcast at ForbesBooksRadio.com and on iTunes and wherever you get your podcasts.

In addition to nightly broadcasts and podcasts, ForbesBooks Radio travels to top business conferences, conventions, and seminars across the country, bringing you real-time coverage and interviews with organizers, speakers, sponsors, and attendees.

The Forbes brand reaches 94 million people each month across multiple platforms and industries. From Forbes magazine and its 36 print editions in 69 countries and 25 languages to Forbes.com with 53 million unique visitors to 26 million social media followers, five Forbes airport bookstores, and a weekly TV show, “Forbes On Fox.”

Podcast Listeners by the Numbers

~25% of the population tunes into a podcast at least once a week
68% more likely to hold a postgraduate degree
45% more likely to have an income greater than $250,000
69% believe that podcast ads make them aware of new products or services

ForbesBooks Radio is a “done-for-you” service in which the scheduling, pre-production, recording, editing and post-production of your channel are fully handled by the ForbesBooks Radio team that includes radio, podcasting and publishing veteran Gregg Stebben. Your final product will be a polished podcast that professionally packages you and your ideas and delivers them to listeners.

Your ForbesBooks Radio podcast channel serves as a powerful tool to:

  • Highlight your new products and new company initiatives
  • Connect with key prospects and strategic partners, and deepen relationships with key thought leaders in your industry through strategic “media inquiries”
  • Reward existing clients and strategic partners with “special features”
  • Attract new clients as audience members

Your clients, prospects, colleagues, family and friends will be able to tune in on the fbradio.wpengine.com, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, TuneIn and more. Your channel will also be made available on your company and personal websites.


Podcast hosts are empowered to use their channel as a tool to drive conversations with “out-of-reach” prospects and partners. When your team makes a cold call, you’re perceived as a solicitor making a sales pitch. This places you at a firm disadvantage. When your ForbesBooks Radio producer makes the call, the dynamic is transformed: it is now a legitimate media inquiry that the prospect is eager to take. This allows you to form more relationships with high-quality prospects.


Once a quarter, you will join us for an interview on our nightly, nationally-syndicated Kate Delaney’s show America Tonight. , Our segment on her show, airing every weeknight, is called “ForbesBooks at Bedtime” is heard on 150 US stations in markets that include the New York and LA metro areas, Seattle, Portland and Tampa and a total audience of 3 million listeners nationwide. We will also provide you with a digital copy of your interview and social media shareables so you can promote this national appearance across all other channels.